Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wanhoff's Wonderful World of Wissenschaft

A charming and excellent science news podcast in German is Wanhoffs Wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft (feed). Host Thomas Wanhoff is a German who lives in Vietnam and manages to stay updated on the latest science and technology developments and produce a weekly podcast on the subjects he chooses.

Wanhofs episodes have an ideal length for monologue podcasts (up to 20 minutes). He covers three or four subjects which he explains in a clear and concise manner. There are music and sounds inserted in a modest and befitting manner; mostly it is just the intro.

His treatment is goes beyond delivering the subjects as news items. When relevant he will relate to the subject. This will consist of his own thoughts, or something about how he found out about the subject and acquired updates. When necessary, he will also follow up and reply to questions. Wanhoff can be followed also on Facebook and Twitter. All of this together makes for a real community feel to the podcast.

More German science podcasts:
Ersatz TV (science vodcast),
Fraunhofer podcast (applied science),
Der Sonntagssoziologe (sociology),
Skythenpodcast (history)
Geschichtspodcast (history).

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