Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change - history (#BAD09)

Last but not least. Today's Climate Change may be unique in that it is the first global and human induced change. Man has, however, caused environmental change throughout history. Also, periods of rapid climate change have also occurred before.

The field of environmental history studies these subjects, how man has affected his environment and how man has adapted to environment, including changing climates. One podcast that pays attention to this throughout is the Exploring Environmental History podcast by Jan Oosthoek. Also on the podcast New Books in History by Marshall Poe we have seen attention to the field of environmental history.

Exploring Environmental History:
An applied science,
Defining Environmental History with Marc Hall,
Defining Environmental History - Paul Warde,
Defining Environmental History - Donald Worster,
Natural Disasters.

More environmental history:
Donald Worster about environmental history (New Books in History),
Environmental History Vodcast.

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