Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change - the adaptations (#BAD09)

After we have touched on the terrible dangers implied in climate change, it is time to look at what can be done about averting the fatal disaster.

First of all we have to change our way of life. For the rich parts of the world; we have to change our production, so that we pollute less and extract fewer resources. We have to change our consumption, for the same aims. In the developing parts of the world, also carbon dioxide emissions and other destructive production and consumption methods must be adapted, but also, natural resources must be carefully managed, as to prevent waste, pollution and destruction. Also, the population growth must be controlled. Podcasts that touch upon this are:
Natural Resource Management (LSE podcast)
Downshifting (changing consumption) (Ganz einfach leben),
Population control (UCSD's Human Impact on the Environment),
Electric Cars (TED Talks),
We need energy revolution (LSE podcast),
Wildlife control and poverty (EconTalk),
Waste management (Distillations) (Social Innovations Conversations).

Second of all, and part of changing our way of life, we need to investigate into technical solutions to climate change itself and to its effects. Above I already mentioned electric cars, waste management techniques and we can add techniques to reduce emissions, techniques to deal with sea levels and with changed agricultural circumstances. A very unexpected, to me, approach, are techniques to affect the climate itself and thus mitigate the change. This seems out of reach, but not entirely as one podcasts teaches. Relevant are:
Technological interference with climate (UChannel Podcast),
Organically grown and genetically engineered food (The Long Now podcast),
Population control (UCSD's Human Impact on the Environment)
Electric Cars (TED Talks),
Waste management (Distillations) (Social Innovations Conversations).

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