Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Divorcing the Union - BBC Analysis

BBC Analysis took on a juicy subject: could Britain leave the EU? The answer to the question is as plain as it is predictable. Leaving the EU is possible, but the price may be high. Some citizens will benefit, some will pay and the extent to this is difficult to fathom. The elaboration of this answer seem more a means to convey the sentiments around Britain and the EU.

Apart from a nice trivia tidbit that Greenland was the first to leave the EU, the real interesting bit is how these sentiments are being played out. Especially as it becomes clear that the price of leaving may actually be so high as that for all practical purposes the UK is stuck in the EU. The politician pleading for divorce lashes out to the leading politicians and media for being, if reluctantly, in favor of staying a member. I have more trust in the common sense of the people, he plays his demagoguery and this reminded me of how uninformed underbelly politics is usually presented: as the higher wisdom of the common but silent people.

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