Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blog Block

I have never had this before. Two and a half years of running this blog has never left me without the drive to write posts. I have had internet cuts and absence on account of vacations and the like, but now it is different.

You may have noticed - if you follow my blog daily. I haven't been updating the blog daily, as I used to. And it is simply this: a blog block; writer's block for the blog. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts though and there a many recommendations to make. But I cannot put myself to writing just now.

I am sure it will pass, but allow me to stay silent for some more days to get my voice back. And take this post as a sign of life. I am around, I am OK, I am listening to many podcasts. Reviews are to be expected sooner or later. In the mean time, thank you for your patience.



רן לוי said...

Anne, Don't stop! :-) Where will we go to find all the best podcasts?
I suggest taking a tour on other blogs, seeing what other people are doing and taking ideas from them. It allways works for me...
Good Luck,
Ran Levi.

Anne the Man said...

Thanks Ran - I needed that.

Jelle van Aanholt said...

Ik vind het al heel wat dat je het zo lang vol gehouden hebt om elke dag wat te schrijven, dat je ook wel eens 'rust' verdiend hebt.

Wat inspiratie betreft trouwens, ik vraag me af of je de podcasts bij de eerste serie van In Europa, van Geert Mak wel eens beluisterd/besproken hebt. Ik er zo niks over vinden. Zo niet is dat misschien wel de moeite, het is een sterk vertelde, toegankelijke podcast.

Hoe dan ook sterkte met je blog-bloc, en de groeten uit Nederland!

Anne the Man said...

beste Jelle,

Ik heb de eerste helft van In Europa (tot 1945) besproken zoals die bij OVT aan de orde kwam.