Monday, January 4, 2010

Who knows Russian podcasts?

One of the reader questions that reach me through the blog (comments on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter or through the mail - Anne Frid de Vries AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk) are about podcasts in other languages than those I cover (English, Hebrew, Dutch and German).

One reader, who wished to remain anonymous, asked about podcasts in Russian. Here I cannot help at all. Not only don't I understand Russian, but I cannot read the script either. I could make out the word for podcast ('подкаст') if I absolutely had to, but decided to channel the question through to a number of other readers of the blog, of whom I know they master Russian.

The best I could do was come back with a link to a podcast page in Russian. From here the seekers will have to find their own. Yet, this might exactly be the initial help they needed and so here is my question to you: what other recommendations for Russian or any other language would you have? Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Anne the Man said...

Thanks for the links. Obviously those point to courses in English, teaching the Russian language. But what I was actually looking for was podcasts in Russian, for the Russian readers of the blog...