Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heads-up for 5 August 2010

Witness (BBC)
Witness: Mississippi Killing
David Goodman is the brother of Andrew Goodman, one of the three civil rights workers killed in Mississippi in 1964 while taking part in Freedom Summer. For Witness, he recalls his brother's strong sense of justice and what his family lived through in the 44 days he was missing. David Goodman says it took the deaths of two whites to awake the conscience of middle America.
Witness: Ugandan Asians
Uganda Asians forced to leave the country tell "Witness" of their traumatic exodus. They speak of being stripped of their wealth, and of struggling to come to terms with life in exile far from home.

Before the Summer is over, take a look at the courses offered by UCSD on podcast. Two of those I know well from the past and followed with great interest:
POLI 142K - Politics and Warfare by Victor Magagna (review, feed)
POLI 113A - East Asian Thought also by Victor Magagna (review, feed)

Forgotten Classics
The Riddle of the Sands - Chapter 24
In which Carruthers shows his skills at riposte.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, gave Politics and Warfare a try and the first lecture was very interesting indeed. Subscribed :)