Friday, September 17, 2010

Jack Kornfield - Zencast

Over the years I have always picked the occasional issue from the Buddhist podcast Zencast. While these contain meditations and Dharma teachings they are also sufficiently accessible for the non-Buddhist with either a spiritual or a psychological and philosophical interest. My favorite speaker has mostly been Gil Fronsdal, but recently I discovered, and much enjoyed, Jack Kornfield. (feed)

Check out the last two talks, #265 on the joys of the awakened heart and #275 on Redemption. Kornfield has a very pleasant voice, good sense of humor and combines a nice sense of self-deprecation with fine story-telling in his lectures which are very insightful. The joy lies in the listening, the free picking and choosing from what is discussed and undergoing the talk as a meditation in itself.

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kate said...

Thanks for this! I just listened to the Redemption podcast and loved it. I'm going back to your other suggestions now.

Anne the Man said...

That is great. Thanks for letting me know. Happy listening