Thursday, November 11, 2010

David Kalivas' World History Podcast is back

Historian David Kalivas has been infrequently updating his world history podcast over a period of many years. I started listening to it way back in 2006 and it had issues dating back from 2005. Yet, new lectures were added only in 2007 and then the hiatus lasted until now. This month a new lecture came out, only to show that a good, informative history podcast never goes out of existence. (feed)

A lot of what can be had in the feed concerns ancient history. Kalivas actually kicked off with the ancient civilization that I personally am most interested in: the Indus Valley civilization. In addition he did the regulars Egypt and Mesopotamia, as well as China. Expanding a bit on that he does Greece and Rome and even has lectures about later subjects.

A theme that you can find with Kalivas is that of cultural exchange. He seems to be implicitly, and here and there explicitly, telling history with the idea that none of the cultural unities were isolated, not even in antiquity. As a consequence, each culture is a product of exchange, foreign influence and mingling.

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Also: another post on Indus Valley tomorrow!!
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