Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heads-up for 17 November 2010

My heads-up post which I try to deliver every day contains a number of good podcasts that publish on that day. It gives you the opportunity to pick and choose from a wider variety of feeds.

I noticed that my favorite blog DIY Scholar has begun to do something similar. She, Dara the DIY Scholar herself, published her 'listening notes' which do actually a little bit more than my heads-up. Where I just give you an idea what range of feeds I am keeping an eye on, Dara discloses what podcasts she has been listening to and reveals a couple of interesting points she has picked up on. I would say, heads-up, keep your eyes peeled for Dara's listening notes.

Witness (BBC)
Greek Student Protest
A woman at the centre of a momentous student protest in Athens in 1973 tells us of the moment when the country's military junta sent in the tanks.
(review, feed)

History 5 (Berkeley) by Thomas Laqueur
The Great War: Its Causes, Course, and Consequences
How an assassination in Sarajevo came to embroil all of Europe. A war of stalemate and stagnation. A war resulting in revolutions and a radically changed power balance and world map.
(review, feed)
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