Friday, November 12, 2010

Jonathan Mark Kenoyer on Indus Valley Civilization

Professor Kenoyer has been doing research and archeological excavations on the Indus Valley Civilization since 1986 and before I point you to the audio and video where you can enjoy the lecture about his finds, first a few words on how I find interesting podcasting material.

One of my methods is to follow history blogs. One such history blog is Varnam which updates me frequently about Indian History. A couple of days ago, Varnam reported on a lecture about Indus Valley Civilization by Professor Kenoyer. Not only did I follow this, I also decided to look for Kenoyer on iTunes and thus I found yet another lecture. And that, of course, is another method of finding good podcasts: iTunes searches on good keywords.

In podcast you can hear Kenoyer at UCLA in a lecture that was published in the feed of The International Institute (feed) as well as the Center for Near Eastern Studies (feed). You can also see him in a video lecture which Varnam also pointed to and which can be found at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. The two lectures are only slightly different so the podcast lectures have the advantage of being in mp3 and available in feed, while the video lecture allows you to look at the slides and enjoy the maps and the pictures that Kenoyer talks about. Although the Indus Valley script was not deciphered and finds are still rather few, there is much to learn from his lecture. How the valley cultures traded, how they varied, what can be deduced about their hierarchies and more.

More about Indus Valley Civ:

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