Wednesday, December 1, 2010

441 podcasts reviewed on Anne is a Man

Yesterday I updated my Podcast List. By now I have reviewed 441 different podcasts. There are over 1800 posts on the blog and with this I hope I can continue to offer you a good source for finding new good podcasts.

I have also taken the time to update my list of History Podcasts and while doing so, finally come around making the subsection about Podcasts in American History, which comprises a third subsection since I added Ancient History and Medieval History. Some time in the future there will be sections on European History, on Asian History, history in general, History and Religion, History of Science and Ideas, Social History, Military History and Arts History. In short, there is still a lot of work in front of me.

Apart from the history podcasts, I have also to maintain the directories of
Psychology Podcasts
Writing and Language Podcasts
Science Podcasts
Economics Podcasts
Religion and Spirituality Podcasts
News & Politics Podcasts
Arts and Culture Podcasts
Geography Podcasts
Philosophy and Thought Podcasts
Dutch Podcasts - Podcasts in het Nederlands
Hebrew Podcasts - פודקאסטים בעברית
German Podcasts - Podcasts auf deutsch

And so, the work is really never ever done.
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