Sunday, January 24, 2010

Podcasts on Medieval History

I have reported on so many podcasts in the realm of history that I have deemed it necessary to take my history directory and order it into subdivisions. There will be subdivisions into eras, into regions and into themes, to whatever extent the division is useful, accepting the overlap and holes that remain - just to cut up an unwieldy list of over 130 podcasts into reasonable chunks.

The first subset I created was Ancient History.

Here is the second: Podcasts on Medieval History. Strictly, this should go between 500 and 1500 CE, but, to give you one example, you will find here podcasts about Byzantine history, which start earlier. The idea is to incorporate narratives that, irrespective of their starting point, have their main importance in the pre-1500 age. Again it needs to be pointed out that there are general history podcasts that have offered great content about stuff from the Middle Ages, yet will not be here because they give so much else as well.

12 Byzantine Rulers, (review, site, feed).
Sixteen monologues covering the history of the Byzantine Empire from the 8th century to its fall in 1453 and beyond.

All Things Medieval, (review, site, feed)
Podcast on whatever is related to the late Middle Ages - not just dry history.

Ancient and Medieval Podcast, (review, site, feed).
7 charming episodes with befitting music, travel tips (accounts of relevant excursions the hosts did themselves) and more. I especially liked the issues about Robin Hood (Robyn Hode), Charlemagne and Beowulf.

Church History, (review, site, feed)
Denominational history of the medieval Christian Church

German Cultural History  (review, site, feed)
fascinating musings about Medieval German Culture and its earliest roots.

Geschichtspodcast (Chronico) (review, site, feed)
Promotional podcast of Chronico Magazine (German) with general focus on the era from little before until little after the Middle Ages (German Language podcast)

History 2311, (review, site, feed).
The history of Western Civilization up to 1600, by Gretchen Ann Reilly, also known from the podcast American History before 1870. This is a quality monologue style podcast in 15 minute editions. The entry level is high school / college.

HUM 4104 (Virginia Tech) (review, site, feed)
Professor Matthew Gabriele's podcast that accompanies a lecture series about Medieval Heroes. The podcast gives very brief guidance to the texts about the heroes.

Islamic Medicine (review , site, feed)
The University of Warwick's series by Professor Peter Pormann about the Medieval Medicine as it was received from the Greeks, influenced by other cultures and preserved in the Islam world, before it was received by the West.

Medieval & Renaissance Studies Events (Fall 2008), (Virginia Tech) (review, site, feed)
Virginia Tech's lecture series about the Crusades. As far as I can see only one of the lectures is available on podcast.

Medieval & Renaissance Studies Events (Spring 2008), (Virginia Tech) (review, site, feed).
A podcast series with public lectures held at Virginia Tech on historical subjects.

Medieval Podcast, (review, site, feed).
Podfaded show featuring several issues about England in medieval times and about monasticism.

MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Chamberlain) (review, site, feed)
A history lecture series explaining the middle ages mostly from the perspective of religions.

MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Herbst) (review, site, feed)
A parallel series choosing a more traditional perspective, but exceptionally good no less.

Norman Centuries (review, site, feed)
The comeback of history podcast veteran Lars Brownworth. This series will tell us the history of the Normans.

Podcasts on Medieval Texts, (review, site, feed).
Short introductions to certain specific medieval texts like Beowulf and the Malleus Maleficarum. The same series is on iTunes U, Virginia Tech, under the title HUM 1214 - Spring 2008.

Pope Podcast (review, site, feed)
A one by one, pope by pope history of the papacy.

Skythen-Podcast (review, site, feed)
Very extensive promotional podcast for an exhibition on the Scythians. (German Language)

Tudorcast, (review, site, feed).
The approach host Lara Eakins takes, is to bring out a monthly podcast and relate to the listener various tidbits of the history connected to the specific month we are in. She takes from original sources and brings us to the finest details of the history.
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