Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is hot on 5 January 2011

Witness (BBC)
When the Taleban took power in Afghanistan.
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Forgotten Classic
Forgotten Tales 1: Great Claus and Little Claus
In which Hans Christian Andersen tells us about two Clauses who belong on Santa's naughty list.
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Big Ideas
Camille Paglia on The Future of Education
Educator and author, Camille Paglia, discusses The Future of Education at the 2010 Globe and Mail Open House Festival in Toronto. The event moderator is broadcaster, Valerie Pringle.
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Thinking Allowed
Softer Masculinities and Dr Who
New research shows secondary school boys to be more relaxed about their gender identity than was expected, Mark McCormack discusses with Laurie. Also it Dr Who a leftish, anti-American, radical polemic? Marc DiPaolo and Matthew Sweet debate.
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