Tuesday, April 5, 2011

450 podcasts reviewed on Anne is a Man

Yesterday I updated my Podcast List. By now I have reviewed 450 different podcasts. There are near 2000 posts on the blog and with this I hope I can continue to offer you a good source for finding new good podcasts.

New podcasts that were reviewed in the past period are:

An Israeli podcast has begun to publish: BioCast which does fifteen minute biographies of the most divergent characters - from scientists to pop musicians, biocast does them all. In addition, it has two tiny rubrics at the end of each show, one in which for half a minute little children associate on the theme of the show (for example on the question what is an explosion after the bio of Robert E. Oppenheim) and after that something that sounds like a Rabbi giving his Judaism inspired take on the same theme.
(review, feed)

Christian Humanist Podcast
An openly confessional, but still open-minded podcast.
(review, feed)

Harvard thinks big 2
Have a scientist with a great idea to summarize it in a ten minute lecture.
(review, feed)

Human Behavioral Biology (Stanford)
Biology's take on Human behavior - Sapolsky's provocative and sometimes humorous entry into tough science.
(review, feed)

Mormon Stories
While Mormon Stories is a podcast for and about LDS Church members, it does not shy away from tackling the subject of members leaving that faith.
(review, feed)

Mr. Deity
God and his feeble attempts to manage a universe.
(review, feed)

Notes on History
Paul Stoetzel telling history his own way
(review, feed)

Torah Threads
Rabbi Paula introducing Torah, per portion.
(review, feed)

World Literature (HACC)
Rick Albright takes the Norton Anthology of World literature and sort of chronologically travels the world and its ages.
(review, feed)
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