Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Quiet Mind - Guest Post by Owen

This is a guest post by Owen from Podcast Reviews. Many thanks to Owen for his contribution.

In "A Quiet Mind", host Robert Jackson documents his journey from a corporate employee to a full time truth seeker on a quest for a simplified, spiritually fulfilling life. (feed)

Robert shares his thoughts on a range of topics related to mindfulness, awareness, meditation and positive thinking with practical advice from a largely Eastern viewpoint on how anyone, regardless of occupation or location, can better achieve a quiet mind. Robert has a comforting, compassionate tone and speaks at a leisurely pace which complements the subject matter and gives the listener time to reflect on these deep universal issues.

Personal favourite past episodes are "Bow in gratitude" released September 2010, "A Guided Meditation to open the heart to giving" released May 2009 and "Breeeeeeeathe" released May 2007 which are still available in the archive - though each episode is a delight and a much needed reminder to take time to slow down in an otherwise non stop western society.

Now it its 6th year and approaching 100 episodes, "A Quiet Mind" is consistently in the iTunes top Religion and Spirituality podcast section having gained a loyal following of subscribers.

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