Friday, July 29, 2011

A Podcast Playlist for 29 July 2011 (1)

On Being
Words That Shimmer from The Civil Conversations Project
Poetry is something many of us seem to be hungry for these days. We're hungry for fresh ways to tell hard truths and redemptive stories, for language that would elevate and embolden rather than demean and alienate. Elizabeth Alexander shares her sense of what poetry works in us -- and in our children -- and why it may become more relevant, not less so, in hard and complicated times.
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The Christian Humanist Podcast
Theological Dramatics
Michial Farmer moderates a discussion with Nathan Gilmour and David Grubbs about Nathan's recent book Theological Dramatics: Two Christological Case Studies. Along with some discussions of John Milton's Paradise Regained and Aemelia Lanyer's Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (the two texts that the book discusses), the conversation ranges into the relationships between poetry, sermon, and criticism; and church and academy. Among the texts, ideas, and writers that we discuss are John Milton, Aemeila Lanyer, the possibility of Christian literary criticism, New Historicism, and Jesus poems.
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Het Marathoninterview
Willem den Ouden, schilder
Willem den Ouden, is bekend tekenaar en schilder. Het Nederlandse landschap is zijn grootste inspiratiebron en thema. Op 25 juli 1997 sprak Jacqueline Maris met hem in het Marathoninterview.
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