Monday, August 8, 2011

Listening ideas for 8 August 2011 (1)

The History of Rome
The Spear of Destiny
In 363 Julian launched an invasion of Sassanid Persia. He would die in battle just three months later.
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Documentary on One
Oil in Uganda: The Trickle Down Effect
The largest onshore oilfield in sub-Saharan Africa has been discovered in Uganda with the involvement of Irish-founded company, Tullow Oil. Tim Desmond asks who will benefit from the discovery and how will it change the lives of ordinary Ugandans?
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Citizen Mel - Part One
His name is synonymous with the words "Canadian nationalist". Mel Hurtig's voice has been prominent in discussions about the country for almost fifty years. He is a bookseller, a publisher and a catalyst for debate on subjects ranging from child poverty to nuclear arms. IDEAS producer Kathleen Flaherty traces Mel Hurtig's lifelong quest to shape a Canada he passionately believes in.
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