Sunday, August 7, 2011

Listening ideas for 7 August 2011 (2)

Beyond the Book
Exploring Apps Ecosystem
Rafael SidiAs publisher of nearly 2,000 journals spanning the scientific, technical and medical (STM) communities, Elsevier serves more than 30 million scientists, students, and health and information professionals worldwide. In 2011, however, Elsevier’s customers are also its collaborators, thanks to a revolutionary view of application development. “We don’t want to be just an information provider, but we want also to provide solutions to our customers, to our market,” explains Rafael Sidi, Elsevier VP of Product Management for Applications Marketplace and Developer Network. “And we don’t want to just build the solutions ourselves, but we want to go to the community, to collaborate with the community, and build the solutions together with the community.” Envisioning a comprehensive “ecosystem” of apps, Sidi sees data as a shared resource. “We are letting [researchers] play with our data and build on top of our data stuff that they need to build. In the end, scientists and researchers know their problem better than us.” Speaking with CCC’s Chris Kenneally in his Manhattan office, Sidi cited a variety of innovative application efforts, including for SciVerse, which offers developers access to Elsevier content, and the community driven projects AppsforScience Challenge and AppsforLibrary Idea Challenge.
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Kritisch denken
Zeno’s Paradox en het Probleem van de Vrije Wil deel 2
Het bestaan van vrije wil is een onderwerp waarover 1000den generaties filosofen zich gebogen hebben. Wat kunnen we erover zeggen?
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OVT 7 augustus 2011
Gouden Jaren: het eerste anti-kernenergiekwartiertje; Ongehoord: Ierse hongersnood (1845-1850)
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