Monday, August 1, 2011

New Podcasts since May 2011

The last time I summarized the newly reviewed podcasts was on May 1st. Since then a couple of more podcasts have been reviewed for the first time:

Myoclonic Jerk
The Myoclonic Jerk is a very entertaining podcast that would be best characterized as a piece of investigative journalism with a personal touch and a hint of comedy podcast. The maker Daniel Kaufman takes up a subject to discuss and you can count on being informed, entertained and allowed a peek into his soul.
(review, feed)

A Quiet Mind
Robert Jackson shares his thoughts on a range of topics related to mindfulness, awareness, meditation and positive thinking with practical advice from a largely Eastern viewpoint on how anyone, regardless of occupation or location, can better achieve a quiet mind.
(review, feed)

International Political Economy
James Morrison of Middlebury College covers the political economy of the international system.
(review, feed)

Reith Lectures 2011 (BBC)
The speakers will be Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and former MI5 director-general Baroness Manningham-Buller. There will be five lectures in total and the subject will be "Securing Freedom".
(review, feed)

Introduction to Biofuels (UCSD)
Stephen Mayfield covers the topics of global warming, peak oil, peak coal, peak gas, peak phosporus and food and their interrelationships systematically and comprehensively, occasionally with the help of other lecturers.
(review, feed)

Early Modern England (Yale)
Keith Wrightson's introduction to the development of English society between the late fifteenth and the early eighteenth centuries.
(review, feed)

The Moral Foundations of Politics (Yale)
Ian Shapiro unpacks the approaches on legitamcy of political power with a strong economics perspective.
(review, feed)

I have also made a quick introduction to the 80 something podcasts coming from the New Books Network. Podcasts containing interviews with authors, ordered in as many subjects. I advise to pick one of the many specific feeds, but you can also subscribe to the compound feed. (review)

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