Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting published with Mark Leslie

The latest edition of the reality aspect in The Writing Show, getting published with Mark Leslie, made for an very interesting different impact on me. So far I have reported the writing show, somehow, mainly succeeded in discouraging me. The show reveals so many of the tough reality of writing, I was left truly disheartened.

The latest interview with Mark Leslie had the opposite effect though. Not because he had some good news to report. Just as Jean Tennant, he has sufficient trouble in getting published. But the conversation with Paula B, the show host, revolved mainly around the more exciting parts of writing. Much of what was discussed, revolved around the creative process and the various ways in which Mark could improve his novel.

he takes all the criticism he is confronted with very lightly and happily dives into the various options for improvement. I was sucked with the examples and much stimulated to think along and contemplate the options and desperately wanted to sit down and write my own version of the story elements. I was doing the weekly grocery shopping for my family though. So it had to wait, until I reached my blog. I can only say now: everybody, go and listen to the Mark Leslie interviews. Not just this one; all of them. Great stuff. Both entertaining as well as inspiring.
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