Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Bitch, the Crone, and the Harlot

In issue 101 of Shrinkrapradio Dr. Dave interviews Susan Schachterle about her book "The Bitch, the Crone, and the Harlot" which is about women and middle-age. Susan found that even though women tend to be quite depressed about reaching midlife, but she finds in her analysis the strengths about the second part of life.

The episode, as far as the content is concerned, is yet again a high point for shrinkrapradio. The interview goes very well, the subject is very compelling and we are presented with a most thrilling conversation. The only problem is that the audio quality is really bad. David van Nuys cannot do much about that. He uses, as so many other podcasters, the utilities of Skype for recording the conversation. The problem is that phoning with Skype sometimes gives tremendous clarity and sometimes terrible deformation in the sound. then it is as if the parties are talking through a stretched tube.

And the next conversation it can be right again. Users like David (and myself) will have to make do, but I really wonder what can be done. Is this something for Skype to address?

I am happy to announce that Dr. Dave has edited this show and removed much of the bad sound. The republished version of show 101 is much improved.
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