Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Points of view in fiction

Paula B of the Writing Show did some research on perspectives and narrators in fiction. The next thing is: she lectured about it in the Writing Show.

The best thing about this show is that it made a great impression upon me. Usually I get the fits from these analysis. It has an artificial smack when literature is dissected to the nerves; as if it ruins the magic. But somehow Paula pulled it off and even had me inspired.

Other than that, the podcast was a wee bit long and counts for the vulnerable one. The kind of the monologue. They are good for whatever you need, but tend to lull you when they are long and/or not on your major subject of interest. In other words. This is a valuable edition of the Writing Show for those who are into writing and need some tutoring on the perspectives, but probably less so, for those who are into the entertainment and check in for curiosity on the Writing Show podcast.
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