Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Writing for the web

The writing show had a long issue about writing for the web. The major part of it being an interview with Karen Anderson. She wrote for Apple once, and now she is an independent web writer.

It is a great interview and I recommend everybody to listen. At the end there is also a monologue by Jeff Derego - a guest of the Writing Show that has stirred much interest and is soon to be partaking in a panel discussion. If not being there in person, his idea about publishing will be discussed.

But now back to Anderson. Among so many things she mentions is that writing for the web is not a job that'll make you rich. If at all you can charge reasonable fees, you will certainly be helped by a CV that shows you have been employed by a corporate name of note before. In her case it is Apple, but it sure resounded with my experience in the field of careers. Having been employed by one of the major software players, has certainly allowed my standing as it is today. Sound advice reaching even farther than writing work as such.
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