Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nicknames for Word Nerds

The 94th edition of The Word Nerds is not just about nicknames. Howard and Dave Shepherd begin with discussing mascots and only then the nicknames begin.

What I learned this edition is where nickname comes from. The original word is 'ekename'. Then 'an ekename' evolved into 'a nickname' - note the n moving from the article to the noun. On a side note, it is also explained what is the difference between a nickname and a moniker. The Word Nerds claim that a nickname may be given, but a moniker is a chosen alias. And I was thinking it may have something to do with monks...

The rude word of the week is not one word. It is a round of confessions by Howard and Dave and an invitation to the listeners to chip in and relate what was your worst nickname. I personally had a load of nicknames. Especially my sister had a knack for driving me up the wall with her inventions, but the nasty one that stuck for a long time was Panne. Just my luck.
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