Saturday, October 27, 2007

The purpose centered life

Your purpose centered life is a podcast containing monologues by Eric Maisel. Four episodes have been put out so far and Eric is building his monologue from the sheer meaninglessness of the universe - he is a proclaimed atheist - to a willful quest for individual meaning. A meaning chosen and acquired, rather than discovered. I am on track with his line of thinking, no need to be an atheist to tag along with the feeling of an indifferent universe, and fascinated to find where he will get the listener.

For those who are especially attracted by his philosophy, there is a wide range of books he has published and also his coaching method to be followed. What I am waiting for is ethics or morality to arrive at the scene. But that is just my personal preference. Or maybe, my personal highlight of ascribed meaning.

The novel La Peste by Albert Camus has inspired me to that, many years ago. One of the main characters tries to be 'a saint without god.' It is a necessary implication of true morality. If the whole point of morality is to freely choose good over evil, the existence of god is a bother, it makes for choosing the Godly Good, like choosing the winning team; a pragmatic choice. On the other hand, atheism has a drag assuming morality, without allowing for an absolute good. I am eager to find out how Maisel handles that.
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