Saturday, October 27, 2007

Short history of science essays

The Missing Link podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Green Musselman, a history professor at Southwestern University. She delivers two essays per podcast and aside her own, she allows one of her students to speak. The two essays take together between two and three quarters of an hour. They are light monologues on a topic that is somehow related to the history of science. I applaud this initiative. After three issues, the podcast could turn still in many new directions, but what we have so far is to my liking and should be encouraged to continue.

The first episode considers some of the ways that science fiction has drawn inspiration from planetary science. Guest essay by Megan Healy on how well the depiction of women scientists in 1950s American sci-fi films matched up against the reality of women scientists' lives at that time.

The second episode dives into the differences between women and man. We find they are not opposites but rather human beings with a slightly different hormone balance.

The third is a cast directly from Berlin - this one I still have to listen to.
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