Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Douglas Adams - Making history with Ran Levi

The latest show of Making History with Ran Levi (עושים היסטוריה עם רן לוי) was done with the regular professionalism, but with an added element of joy and love. Ran Levy discussed on his show writer, comedian, scientist and visionary the late Douglas Adams. Answer: 42. Credo: Don't Panic. Advise: Never leave home without your towel.

The listeners were signaled in advance and phoned in with their explanations why they loved Douglas Adams. Ran Levi chipped in and while maintaining his academic qualities, didn't hide his own love for Adams. He went through the biography, making excursions into the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, other works of Adams, and, this is a history of science show after all: science.

How did Adams take elementary ideas out of science and technology and apply them in his life and in his stories. How did he see the potential before others did. A vibrating podcast in the series.

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