Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Edgy podcast reviews

I hope one day Daniel Sellers is going to explain to us why Jana Selllers and he chose such a tough name for their podcast review podcast. As I see it, the name came about in stages. It started more simply as That Podcast Show, which had as a weak point that it could be about anything, but on the other side had something cheeky. I mean THAT podcast show, sounds like the show you and I need to talk about - right. Then they added Edgy Reviews From. This made clear it was a review show. But why Edgy? And why so long: Edgy Reviews from That Podcast Show.

The name aside, this is THE podcast review podcast around. Its scope is vast - much vaster than mine. ERFTPS are ready to cover all podcasts, everything, anything, that is out there. Only, there need to be at least 10 episodes out and maybe a couple of tiny admission prerequisites, that probably most podcasts cover.

Since my last writing about them, they have reviewed 18 more podcasts. The team on the show, temporarily is Daniel and Sue, because Jana is on maternity leave. (Daniel and Jana create more than just podcasts.) Here are the latest 18.
  1. The Kitchen Sink 
  2. Cruising Authority
  3. Roadcast Radio
  4. My Living Room! Radio Show Podcast (also at Anne is a Man )
  5. MetroBuzz
  6. Real Talk (also at Anne is a Man )
  7. Cue the Film
  8. That’s What She Said: The Office
  9. The Office Alliance Podcast
  10. Planned Brotherhood 
  11. D6 Generation
  12. Wine for Newbies
  13. Wikipedia Weekly  
  14. Zune Insider
  15. Common Sense with Dan Carlin (also at Anne is a Man)
  16. Blogs, Views, and Blues 
  17. Camera Dojo
  18. Space Podcast

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