Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Edgy 59 - Podcast review podcast reviewed

The Edgy reviews podcast has taken up the small challenge I threw at it in my last review: explain the rather lengthy official name it carries: Edgy Reviews from That Podcast Show.

This is done in it's 59th edition which includes as usual three lengthy podcast reviews by Daniel and Sue. After that they both give their own podcast recommendation for the week and eventually Daniel explains the name of the show.

As I had already noticed, the original starting name was That Podcast Show. Even though that sounded good and maybe even definitive in the kind of way a meta-podcast should sound, it had a bad search engine implication. The name is rather indifferent in the proximity of other show names and more problematically, it doesn't carry the word review in it. Consequently, the show will react weakly to searches on 'podcast reviews' and that is quite opposite to what was to be intended.

So the word reviews was added and in order to maintain some of the original cheeky line, the reviews became edgy. Understandable, but likely to be too long for anybody to maintain. I predict it will over time become Edgy Reviews Podcast for short.

As to the contents: Edgy reviews gives the widest range of podcast reviews with professional valuation you can find on the internet.

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