Sunday, March 8, 2009

The brain and tech-nurture - SRR podcast review

There is a recurring theme in Shrink Rap Radio the psychology interview podcast: modern technology and the brain. This is not just about AI, robotics, the extension of our brains into our PCs, but also the implications of new insights in neuroscience, pharmacy and genetics about the brain.

In social science in general and necessarily also in psychology there is the age-old dichotomy of nature and nurture. With the latest developments in neuroscience, pharmacy and genetics we know so much more of the brain, this sort of automatically, almost implicitly, moves us towards the nature side of the divide. Technology also plays a part in that and basically, a nature stance, will also allow more for a fixed view of the brain and leave more room for theories of AI and artificial extensions of the brain. Yet, in the interview with Gary Small about technology and the brain the conversation takes a nurture perspective: how does a modern technologically designated environment affect the brains of human beings?

Small makes in this context a difference between digital natives, the younger generation that grows up with the modern technology and the digital immigrants, the older generation that has had to acquire access to the cyberworld. Small and Van Nuys discuss the way in which the brain starts functioning differently and different people with different psyches emerge in this internet age. Apart from being a fascinating conversation by itself, it also shows how in a more technological world, where I thought the idea of human beings became more nature-oriented new reasons for taking the nurture side of factors that make us come into relevance.

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