Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The waste land - In Our Time

Here is a short review of the latest BBC's In Our Time which paid attention to one single poem T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land

Usually IOT tackles huge subjects and therefore, in advance, I was a bit concerned what would happen if Melvyn and the guest had but one single poem to discuss. The limit of the subject turned out to be a blessing though. Still there wasn't time enough, but contrary to normal experience with IOT, more than just the surface was scratched.

Aside from the necessary biographical notes on the author and history of coming in to being of the poem ample time was meted out to quote from the poem, ponder upon its meaning and palette of interpretations. The Waste Land, even though it was seriously edited by Eliot and the poet Ezra Pound which had left it shorter and rather inaccessible, had an enthusiastic reception. A returning meaning in all the ways of interpretation is how The Waste Land captured modernity and the life in the metropolis and did so in rather grim and unforgiving tones.

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