Monday, April 27, 2009

Lyrics Undercover podcast review

Thanks to Julie Davis of Forgotten Classics, who - by the way - continues to rock with Uncle Tom's Cabin, I tried a new podcast Lyrics Undercover. Have you ever wondered what is the story behind famous pop songs? Here is the place to go. (feed)

The Denver Post and Brian Ibbott make this podcast possible and I quickly had myself informed about a number of my favorites. The who's who in Lou Reed's Walk on the wild side makes you feel you get a seedy version of Hollywood history. Kate Bush's Cloudbusting features the, for me unexpected, figure of Wilhelm Reich. Steely Dan's Kid Charlemagne's identity is finally uncovered and also the meaning of the line 'Is there gas in the car?'

What more did I pick up? The various meanings of Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel and the clear, yet slightly disturbing Don't stand so close to me by The Police and the underrated Bangles with their Walk Like an Egyptian. That has my musical past set straight. How about yours. Lyrics Undercover seems to supply to everyone and if one show per month is not enough for you, dig up the archives (iTunes passes the first forty by) or subscribe to the Lyrics Undercover premium podcast, that delivers four times a month.

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Julie D. said...

I thought you might like that one. :-)

Anne the Man said...

Thanks for the recommendations - they are always trustworthy