Saturday, July 25, 2009

Byzantine Culture - Entitled Opinions

In a fascinating double edition of Entitled Opinions, Robert Harrison had a two hour conversation with Panagiotis Agapitos, Professor of Byzantine Studies at the University of Cyprus, about the history, literature and culture of Byzantium. For the history I think you'd better check with the podcast 12 Byzantine Rulers and several issues of MMW at UCSD. From there, the addition of Entitled Opinions is that of insight in a forgotten treasure trove of culture.

It is a question that possibly gets a beginning answer on these podcasts why Byzantium is largely ignored in the Western Perspective. In addition from professor Agapitos we learn of the great influence of Byzantine culture on ours. And when you come to think of the high standards it had during the Middle Ages, it is only natural that such is the case. Haven't we all read the romances? But shouldn't we know that the roots go back to Byzantium?

While on the subject of literature, Harrison and Agapitos take us further in an inspiring conversation about literature in general. I was thrilled by their opinion literature is actual three dimensional as opposed to film which is two-dimensional. I tend to agree, but I am sure a whole generation tends to think otherwise. It may seem that film is more immersing and it is very valuable to learn why literature may be more so. If only to be drawn to read Eco's Name of the Rose rather than see the movie - no matter how splendid.

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Tessa said...

Dit is leuk, hier houd ik van! Zo weet ik er nog een paar maar die zijn van de Universiteit van Göteborg en dus in het Zweeds. Kwam hier via het Liberforum. Zo kom je nog ergens achter..
Groeten Tessa

Anne the Man said...

Bedankt Tessa dat je langskomt. Dit is inderdaad een heel exquise podcast om aan te bevelen (ook de andere onderwerpen). Als jij iets vergelijkbaars kent in het Zweeds, dan hoort dat zeker op dit blog thuis. Als jouw Zweeds goed genoeg is om ernaar te luisteren, wil je dan misschien een gastpost schrijven?


PS groeten aan alle oude Libertijnen!