Friday, July 31, 2009

New podcasts in July 2009 - Anne is a Man

Before I summarize the podcasts that were newly reviewed on this blog I want to point out another new thing that from now on you will occasionally find on Anne is a Man. Thanks to a smart comment by one of the readers, I found out how I can use my Google Reader to compile feeds from podcast episodes that I choose. Thus, I have begun compiling already 4 feeds and will continue to add others. You need only subscribe and you will get the podcast episodes from various sources, that I chose for you.

The first three are feeds that channel old episodes of the classic Dutch interview podcast Simek 's Nachts (RVU). These files are still on the RVU server, but not delivered in iTunes. Through my feeds they become available for everybody: AIAM Simek1, AIAM Simek2, AIAM Simek3.

The fourth feed is a composite feed of six podcast episodes from various sources about the current situation in Iran and the historic backdrop: Anne is a Man - Iran

New podcasts this month:

Tolkien Professor (review, site, feed)
A scholarly series into the works of Tolkien by Professor Corey Olsen from Washington College.

History of Medicine (Oxford Brooke University) (review, site, feed)
A podcasts of 'Moments in Medicine'. Issues in the science of Medicine are put in their historic perspective.

Analysis (BBC) (review, site, feed)
A BBC program which attempts to analyze what ideas and powers shape British public policy.

Argos (VPRO) (review, site, feed)
High quality in-depth journalism about current affairs. (Dutch)

Brieftour-pod (review, site, feed)
The mailman takes you on his rounds in Neumuenster. (German)

Elucidations (review, site, feed)
Two graduate students of the University of Chicago interview their professors about assorted subjects in philosophy.

Der Sonntagssoziologe (review, site, feed)
Mildly ironic musings about sociology (German)

Ganz einfach leben (review, site, feed)
Marco Mattheis shares his efforts to down-shift his life. (German)

BILD 18 - Human Impact on the Environment (UDCS) (review, site, feed)
A lecture series digging into the harm humans have caused the environment.

New Humanist (review, site, feed)
Promotional podcast of New Humanist Magazine offering teaser for the current issue.

Fraunhofer Podcast (review, site, feed)
Applied science at the Fraunhofer Institute. (German)

פודקאסט זה לחלשים (review, site, feed)
Conversational podcast by Erez Ronen and Ehud Keinan. (Hebrew)

New York Review of Books podcast (review, site, feed)
Assorted subjects from the New York Review of Books.

Wanhoffs Wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft (review, site, feed)
The in south-east Asia living German Thomas Wanhoff keeps you updated on science and technology news in a very friendly atmosphere. (German)

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