Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Floyd - Entitled Opinions

Previously on Entitled Opinions there was a fantastic show about Jimi Hendrix. It was only too bad that I knew Hendrix only from legend, I just a tiny bit too young to have experienced him. How different is this for the last show, where Robert Harrison and his brother Thomas Harrison will talk Pink Floyd. I collected many Pink Floyd albums, I analyzed the lyrics, I lived the music, I loved them. Admitted, this is the Pink Floyd of Roger Waters. Just as I missed out on Hendrix, I missed out on Syd Barrett, but hey, there was quite some Floyd after him. So, now, let's listen.

Entitled Opinions (about Life and Literature) on Huffduffer

It is amazing. Robert and Thomas say exactly the things I feel about Pink Floyd, they pick out exactly those features, those songs and those lyrics that have struck me. Now I have to go find those albums, because apart from 'Hey You' I have none of that digital...

By the way, I have not hijacked the podcast and placed it in my blog. I use an embedding solution offered by Huffduffer, which directly points at the podcast's servers.

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