Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gates to Joy - Jack Kornfield

Most of the time the Buddhist podcast Zencast can be enjoyed best with the beginner's mind. Just listen in and let the podcast deliver what it has to deliver. You can pick and choose on the way what fits your needs and preferences. The latest teaching by Jack Kornfield about joy and what can be the causes for joy surely is not different. (feed)

However, if you have the mind for it, you can also try to listen while being prepared. Kornfield is applying his usual undulating style, larded with seemingly impromptu shoart narratives, but in hindsight you will find he systematically went through what he sees as the gates to joy and you may want to grab that list and recall them, as soon as you get to the end.

What he suggests by then is a nice recipe for you, how to tap into joy and it goes like this: first of all stick with those gates that work for you best and be with them at all times as much as possible. But while you are at it, why not give try at the others as well. When I finished the podcast on the first hearing, I felt I fumbled with my beginner's mind and wondered, what were the others again?

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