Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wise Counsel with Steven Shaps

I went into this edition of Wise Counsel with prejudice. I did what I usually do not do and that is reading about the interviewee (Steven Shaps) and studying his website. As a result I was put off by all the 'New Age stuff' and not expecting something solid.

I was wrong. On all accounts it is a very pleasant to follow conversation that Dr. David van Nuys and Steven Shaps have and the pointers on the subject - anger management, are very useful. Moreover, Steven Shaps takes me in completely when he relates about his work in prison. He describes his approach with the detainees and tells about his experiences.

I have done voluntary work in prison for 5 years when I was a criminology student and consequently I have a mindset about such an environment. I have some experience based ideas on how detainees act, converse and generally relate to staff, whether they are wardens, volunteers or counselors. The words of Steven Shaps immediately hit home with me. He describes the reluctance the prisoners have when they meet him (They are usually sent) and how he talks and listens to them. I recognized that as something very realistic and likely to be effective. His description of the reactions and how he then manages to work with the men is impressive and truly wonderful.

I'd rather not giveaway anything he says and would like to encourage everybody to listen. Mind this though, it is not all about prison experience. That is just what really did it for me, but it is only a smal part of the interview. The podcast is mostly about anger and how to deal with it in the most regular examples such as in the family, between partners or dates.

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