Thursday, September 20, 2007

The historic meaning of 1910

Technically, this is not about a podcast. As I pointed out below, there is a new section in iTunes, called iTunes U, which contains audio material from universities, and as such they can be downloaded and subscribed to, just like podcasts, iTunes simply does not list them as podcasts. As opposed to Berkeley, that uses both iTunes U and podcasting, Stanford, is only into iTunes U. And so, what I would call their history podcast, it cannot be acquired through any regular feed, other than iTunes U and also, will not show up in your player as podcast, but rather similar to all other audio material.

That aside, this Stanford history podcast, is a kind of radio program in which one or more professors discuss a certain subject in history. The show I have listened to was about the year 1910. By means of art and cultural typifications, 1910 is shown to carry all the marks and indicators of what disasters that are about to come. The Great War and all that was triggered by the Great Wat in turn, the second World War and the Cold War.

The two professors Harrison (they are brothers) go about this fantastic subject in a bit of a tentative way. There do not seem to be much order and programming. There is even an interruption, that has nothing to do with the program altogether, rendering it a bit amateurish. A pity, because it diminishes the depth of the subject and the quality of the speakers.
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