Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Writing Show - Audio Plays

The Writing show comes with a refreshing suggestion: try your hand at writing audio plays. An excellent idea. Audio plays are easier to produce and offer an template for a lot of dialog. Dialog usually forms the backbone of my narratives. What is more, I used to like audio drama. Such good memories I have about Draußen vor der Tür by the impressive Wolfgang Borchert.

As usual, the writing show knows how to inspire me. Much of what is discussed delivers a lot of good practical advice. I hope the sound clips also help. In any case, this podcast has induced me, checking out on the Sonic Society. However, I must admit, the clips were not exactly to my taste.

Plenty of material to work with though. And a sound excuse to read Borchert again. Not just Draußen vor der Tür, there are more plays. And there is the short and pungent An diesem Dienstag, which mesmerized me already in 1982.
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