Thursday, September 20, 2007

UC podcast tries to laugh (humour)

A rather unexpected and compelling title occurred in the feed of the University Channel podcast: Only Joking - how humour makes us human. Usually the lectures in this podcast are, if entertaining, still very serious and pretty heavy. Not this time. While our sense of humor is being explained as a defining human trait, lots and lots of jokes are made. Sometimes they are funny just for being seriously recited with scientific claim to pun and then turn out to have little to offer at all. Especially the alleged jokes from Macbeth and other classics. It reminded me of over-enthusiastic reverends trying to show off with a joke from the Bible. Face it, the Bible is not funny, not intended to be funny, it is only funny when poked fun at, especially because it is not funny. That's what I think, or did I miss the joke?

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