Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cameron Reilly wonders whether podcasting is dead

If it is. Did video kill it? The big guys, like big media networks, killed it? Did it die for lack of a market? Is there no revenue to be had? Is the technology no good?

Needless to say, podcast Cameron Reilly does not think podcasting is dead. The hype is over and the real thing has only begun.

While he talks of how podcasting is all about creating communities (and he is not the only one who does this), it struck me that he doesn't go into a business model at all. Podcasting does not seem to be an economical activity in itself. So, what is its future? Promotional offering?

Or should technology make podcasts more user-friendly and gap the bridge between the radio and the podfeed, so that the full audience could be reached?

What remains, by all means, is that podcasting is still young and looking to build its life.

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