Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dacher Keltner in podcast

Lately I have been rethinking my blogging and started an additional way of reviewing podcasts. You may have noticed that in addition to general reviews about podcasts and reviews of individual episodes, I have begun pointing at several podcasts (or podcast episodes) around certain subjects and themes. The idea is that the individual podcasts you may have already found, but if you are especially interested in the subject, you may want more. With the aim at serving you best, I try to supply that additional material as well.

For example, who is not interested in happiness and health? Dacher Keltner is a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and his field is exactly that. Furthermore, Keltner is a very exciting speaker and fortunately, he can be heard on podcast. First of all, you can follow his lectures at Berkeley. Last Fall he taught the podcast course Letters and Science C160V, 001, Psychology C162, 001 - Human Happiness (feed). Here you can find out everything he has to say about positive emotions, about the parts of the brain responsible for this, about touch, compassion, forgiveness and much much more. My colleague podcast reviewer DIY Scholar has written two reviews of Keltner's course to which I recommend to read: Human Happiness and Are we a touch Starved Culture?

Dacher Keltner also appeared on the excellent psychology interview podcast Shrink Rap Radio, by Dr. David van Nuys. Last summer, Keltner was interviewed by Van Nuys - do not miss this one (feed).

Last February, Keltner appeared on CBC Radio (Canada) in the program Tapestry, which is also a podcast (feed). Be quick to download this episode (Survival of the kindest), as it is the last in the feed. If you miss out on it, let me know - the files stay on the server at CBC and I will stick it in a Huffduffer feed for you.

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