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History Podcasts

This post is regularly updated. It gives a list of History podcasts with the accompanying thoughts I have about them. All my reviews on these podcasts can be found under the label history.

Since this is the most sizable of all my directories. I intend to cut this one up into twelve sub-categories. Each of these will take me some time to make and post on the blog, but as they are posted, I will link to them from here:
1- Ancient History (containing not just the classics, but also pre-history and history of other ancient cultures)
2- Medieval History (history between, roughly, 500-1500 CE)
3- American History (history of the US and other parts of the Americas)
4- European History (containing British History, history of other European countries and of the World Wars and the Cold War)
5- Asian History
6- General (containing history podcasts that cover all other subjects or cannot be fit anywhere else)
7- History and Religion (Historical views on religions, religious texts, religious communities and traditions)
8- History of science and ideas (Histories of specific sciences, of science and scientific theory in general, of technology and of the underlying concepts in science and philosophy)
9- Social History (how people lived through the ages; about food, drink and more)
10- Genealogy
11- Military History
12- Art History

12 Byzantine Rulers, (review, site, feed).
Sixteen monologues covering the history of the Byzantine Empire from the 8th century to its fall in 1453 and beyond.

All Things Medieval, (review, site, feed)
Podcast on whatever is related to the late Middle Ages - not just dry history.

American Environmental and Cultural History or: ESPM 160AC (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Local American history taken from environmental perspective. Excellent lecture series to get acquainted with the idea of an environmental history.

American History before 1870, (review, site, feed).
Dr. Gretchen Ann Reilly at Temple College, Texas, turned her lectures into privately read 15 minute podcasts. This enhances the clarity and structure in comparison with recorded live lectures. She delivers her history in a very insightful and accessible way.

Ancient and Medieval Podcast, (review, site, feed).
7 charming episodes with befitting music, travel tips (accounts of relevant excursions the hosts did themselves) and more. I especially liked the issues about Robin Hood (Robyn Hode), Charlemagne and Beowulf.

Ancient History - Alternative Theories (review, site, feed)
Esoteric reconstruction of ancient history.

Ancient Rome Refocused (review, site, feed)
An excellent new history podcast. It is not just about Roman history, which is grippingly narrated, but it is also about contemporary parallels.

Antisemitism (USHMM) (review, site, feed in iTunes)
Scholarly lectures about antisemitism, held at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Archaeo News (review, site, feed)
Promotional and informative podcast from a general website about archeology called The Stone Pages. The podcast digs into news items in archeology and does so in a very engaged and lively fashion.

Armistice Podcast (National Archives) (review, site, feed)
Extracts from the National Archives read on podcast. Documents pertaining to the Great War in general and to the armistice in particular. One of the highlights is an unofficial witness account of the peace negotiations in 1918.

Backstory (review, site, feed)
A panel of historians discuss the background story of an item in the news.

BBC History Magazine, (review, site, feed).
A promotional podcast containing teasers to the monthly hard copy magazine.

Big Ideas (TVO), (review, site, feed)
TV lectures about various subjects on podcast.

Binge Thinking History, (review, site, feed).
Tony Cocks' monologues about history. Starting off with the British roots of the American constitution and following up with the Battle of Britain.

Biography Podcast (review, site, feed)
Chris Gondek interviews biographers about their subject.

Biography Podcast (Learn Out Loud) (review, site, feed)
Various biographies attended to by readings from original sources.

The Biography Show (TPN), (review, site, feed).
Other biographies by the makers of the Napoleon 1O1 podcast.

Birth of the Modern (Arizona State University), (review, site, feed)
Podcast course covering elements of history from late Middle Ages to the early modern age.

A brief history of mathematics (BBC) (review, site, feed)
In ten easy to digest episodes Marcus du Sautoy introduces us to the history of modern mathematics.

British History 101, (review, site, feed).
Monologue style podcast that jumps back and forth in British History. The scripts as they are read are available through the British History 101 blog.

Byzantine Empire (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
History lecture series by Professor Matthew Herbst about the Byzantine Empire.

Cambridge Alumni Podcast (review, site, feed)
Podcast of events for Cambridge Alumni. Among others this series contains a number of lectures dedicated to the history of Cambridge mathematicians's contribution to British intelligence and computer technology.

CAT 2 - Culture, Art & Technology II (review, site, feed)
Cultural history series that tries to show the dialectic of knowledge and society. Professor Tal Golan

CATS 2 Culture and Technology Studies (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
The history of science and showing the relationship between what we know and how we organize the world. (podfaded)

Center for Jewish Studies Podcast (Duke) (review, site, feed)
The audio that sits in the feed reflects the sessions of a conference that was held at the center on the subject of Archaeology, Politics and the Media.

Center for Near Eastern Studies (review, site, feed)
Lectures at UCLA concerning history and politics of the Middle and Near East.

China History Podcast (review, site, feed)
Laszlo Montgomery's history of China.

Church History, (review, site, feed)
Denominational history of the medieval Christian Church

Ciencia y Genios (mention, site, feed)
A podcast in Spanish about geniuses in science

Conspiracy Podcast (RTE) (review, site, feed)
History podcast about political trials in Ireland

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, (review, site, feed).
A History podcast, commenting and reflecting on history more than delivering the facts. (recommended)

David Kalivas World History, (review, site, feed).
A very charming if incomplete lecture series on World History. This podcast acquainted me with Indus Valley and Chinese civilization more than anything else.

De Geschiedenis Podcast (review, site, feed)
A podfaded history podcast in Dutch by Hugo Teerds with a particularly worthwhile episode about the Code of Hammurabi.

Chemistry podcast with a lot of historical perspective

Drinking matters (Warwick) (review, site, feed)
The history of early modern pubs in Europe and their influence on the history of Europe.

Early American Social History (Warwick) (review, page in iTunes, feed in iTunes)
Extensive lecture series about US History before 1870. Mind the low audio that comes with live recorded lectures.

East Asian Thought (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
Victor Magagna's introduction into East Asian history and thought - mostly Confucius

East Asian Thought (UCSD) (review , site, feed)
Excellent Professor Magagna does it again. Your access road to understanding East-Asian philosophy and culture.

En Akademisk Kvart (mention, site, feed). An academic podcast in Swedish delivering concise talks (15 minutes on average) about a wide variety of topics, many of which are historic.

Environmental History Videocast (review, site, feed)
A vodcast that goes along with the audio podcast Exploring Environmental History. The videos are not playable on iPod.

Europe from its origins (reviewsitefeedExcellent
A very commendable enhanced podcast and vodcast that is made by an amateur, but displays professional quality to form as well as content. Host Joe Hogarty explores Europe's roots into the Roman empire and meticulously follows them through to the Middle Ages. This podcast not only tells the tale in a very good way, it also attempts to make the argument that Europe never slid into such level of uncultured backwardness that would justify the treatment of the early Middle Ages as a Dark Age and could contribute Europe's eventual delivery from this alleged barbarian phase solely to intermediaries to the Classical world such as Byzantium and the world of Islam. Part of this argument is also a strong defense against the modern description of the Crusades as the pinnacle of cruelty and destructiveness. And in addition to all this, there is a fine supply of contemporary, if reconstructed, music.

European Civilization 1648 to 1945 (Yale) (reviewsitefeed)
General modern western history lecture series by Professor John Merriman.

Everything Lincoln, (review, site, feed).
A history podcast that digs up anything that has to do with Abraham Lincoln. Much in the way of Tudorcast does for the Tudors. there is no didactic build in order to pass understanding of the person, but rather an unstructured stream of episodes. Charmingly done however. So far there are three podcasts in the feed.

Exploring Environmental History, (review, site, feed).
A podcast about the history of man and his environment, with environmentalist undertones.

Fact or Fiction (review, site, feed)
History stuff for the history buff.

Family History - Genealogy made easy (review, site, feed)
Podcast for beginners in the field of genealogy.

Flavius (review, site, feed) -Dutch-
Jewish history and Culture on Dutch radio. By the makers of OVT (VPRO).

France since 1871 (Yale) (review, site, feed)
History lecture series by Professor John Merriman about France in modern times.

From Israelite to Jew (review, site, feed)
Bible Scholar and religious Jew Michael Satlow in a podcast series revealing the history of the Jewish people in the pivotal transitional post-exilic period in which they transformed from being a nation (Israelites) to a religious ethnic group (Jews). There is also a very loosely related episode about the Talmud in this series.

Genealogy Gems Podcast (review, site, feed)
A professional podcast for anybody who is taking genealogy seriously.

Geography of World Cultures, (review, site:Stanford on iTunes U, feed).
Although this podcast is mostly about geography, in effect it is filled with history - one cannot talk about the spread of languages and religion, without entering history. The focus is on maps and the maps are added as visuals, which means, this is an enhanced podcast. (Wikipedia on enhanced podcasts)

Georgian Britain (Warwick) (review, page in iTunes, feed in iTunes)
Series of thematic monologues about Britain during 1714-1830.

German Cultural History  (review, site, feed)
fascinating musings about Medieval German Culture and its earliest roots.

Geschichtspodcast (Chronico) (review, site, feed)
Promotional podcast of Chronico Magazine (German) with general focus on the era from little before until little after the Middle Ages (German Language podcast)

Geschiedewistjedatjes (reviewsitefeed)
Dutch podcast. Zeer simpele geschiedenis podcast. Kleine weetjes in minder dan twee minuten per podcast.

Gilder Lehrmann history podcast (reviewsitefeed)
History lectures on US history, with recurring themes such as lectures about Lincoln and about Slavery.

Guns and Rubles (Warwick) (review, page in iTunes, feed in iTunes)
A couple of short podcasts about the Soviets and their military industrial complex.

Hank's History Hour, (review, site, feed).
This podcast is a high school student's guide through the course material of AP European History.

Hannibal, (review, site:Stanford on iTunes U, feed).
Stanford University delivers some phenomenal audio, but you have to have iTunes in order to get there. This lecture series about Hannibal gives insight in the history of Hannibal, his trip over the Alps and Professor Patrick Hunt's efforts to reconstruct Hannibal's route over the Alps.

Hidden Heritage (review, site, feed)
Three podcasts about Irish history

Historical Jesus, (review, site:Stanford on iTunes U, feed).
The very best of Stanford is a lecture series, including syllabus and link to the central book, by theology professor Thomas Sheehan about the Historical Jesus. Sheehan carefully takes the listener through the intricacies of dissecting Scripture to the most authentic sources to Yeshua of Nazareth himself.

Historicast (review, site, feed)
A short monologue style podcast with inserted audio fragments.

History 106B, (Berkeley) The Roman Empire, (review, site, feed).
Professor Isabelle Pafford deals in a few lectures with early Roman history and dedicates the bulk to the history of Rome as of the moment it becomes an Empire.

History 131 (University of Alaska Fairbanks) (review, site, feed)
History of the Americas before 1870

History 132 (University of Alaska Fairbanks) (review, site, feed)
US History after 1870

History 151c - The Peculiar Modernity of Britain (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Professor James Vernon lectures about recent history of Great Britain.

History 162A (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
A very instructive course into the geopolitics of Europe from the late seventeenth to the early twentieth century.

History 167B (Berkeley) The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich, (review, site, feed).
History lectures by the talented professor Margaret Anderson about the history of Germany between 1820 and 1919. Some lectures are missing and a couple are of horrible audio quality, but nonetheless, thanks to ms. Anderson's qualities, a great academic podcast.

History 181B (Berkeley) Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science, (review, site, feed).
Lecture series about the history of Physics in the last two centuries.

History 1c (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
Very valuable modern western history lecture series on podcast. Professor Lynn Hunt from UCLA makes up for the lack of History 5 from Berkeley this semester.

History 2311, (review, site, feed).
The history of Western Civilization up to 1600, by Gretchen Ann Reilly, also known from the podcast American History before 1870. This is a quality monologue style podcast in 15 minute editions. The entry level is high school / college.

History 2312, (review, site, feed).
Also by Ms. Reilly is the follow-up, Western Civilization from 1600 on. I would recommend this course for AP European History students, rather than Hank's History Hour.

History 4A (Berkeley) The Ancient Mediterranean World, (review, site, feed).
Professor Isabelle Pafford's lecture series, rapidly taking the listener through the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations and then landing in detail on the Greeks and Romans.

History 5 (Berkeley) In my opinion the best history podcast.
Margaret Lavinia Anderson: The Making of Modern Europe, 1453 to the Present, (review, site, feed).
Usually in the Spring this course is taught by Professor Anderson. She systematically takes you through history from the Renaissance until today, handing many data, but also transferring the most insightful explanations I have come to meet in history podcasts.

History 5 (Berkeley) In my opinion the best history podcast.
Carla Hesse: European history from the Renaissance till today (review , site , feed )
With the personal, somewhat thematic, touch of Professor Hesse.

History 5 (Berkeley) In my opinion the best history podcast.
Thomas Laqueur: European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present, (review, site, feed).
Usually in the Fall, History 5 is taught by Professor Laqueur. Laqueur's series is of the same high level, but carries his signature of course, for example his version is more visually oriented. It is well advised to contact Berkeley and get access to the presentations.

History 7B (Berkeley) US History: from Civil War to Present, (review, site, feed).
Professor Jennifer Burns lays out American History in 39 lectures lasting less than one hour each. The lecture series is 'old' (begin 2006) but is still kept alive through Burns' personal website.

History according to Bob, (review, site, feed).
Bob Packett is a college history professor who simply cannot stop talking. He delivers history lectures, with sources, on a daily basis, touching on all corners of history.

History Compass Blog (review, site, feed)
Writers are telling in short about what article they have written in the History Compass

The History Faculty (review, site, feed)
British Academic history podcast on a large variety of subjects.

History Network, (review, site, feed).
A monologue style podcast on military history.

History of British India (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
History lecture series by Professor Vinay Lal about the history of India under British rule from the 17th to the 20th century.

Librivox - History of Holland, (review, site, feed).
Read aloud version of History of Holland by George Edmundson (1922)

History of India (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
Lecture series by Professor Vinay Lal taking us through Indian History from Indus Valley civilization to the modern day.

History of Iran (Columbia) (review, site, feed)
A 2008 history course by Richard Bulliet. Iranian history from prehistory to the Safavid period (18th century).

History of Jerusalem (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
All you needed to know about the Middle-East in a 3000 year span nut shell is offered in this course.

History of Medicine (Oxford Brooke University) (review, site, feed)
A podcasts of 'Moments in Medicine'. Issues in the science of Medicine are put in their historic perspective.

History of Rome, (review, site, feed).
This podcast is entirely dedicated to Roman History. It goes through Roman history in chronological stages, by means of weekly 20-30 minute podcasts, monologue style.

History of the American Revolution (reviewsitefeed)
Kurtis Ford, retells the American history in quite extensive detail and with great narrative power with a very personal touch.

History of the International System, (review, site:Stanford on iTunes U, feed).
This is a course, not just in history, but in a sense also in geopolitics and political science. Starting around 1870, the lecture series takes the audience through global history and observes and explains how the international relations wobbled from stability to disruptiveness back and forth.

History of the World in 100 Objects (BBC) (review, site, feed) Excellent
Radio program on BBC 4 with the director of the British Museum Neil MacGregor telling man's history by means of the things he made and used.

History on the run (review, site, feed)
Musings about history and about politics by two students that are either finishing high school or have just entered college.

History Podcast by Jason Watts, (review, site, feed).
Monologue style history podcast with no special era interest.

Historypod, (review, site, feed).
Short history podcasts about various historic trivia.

Historyzine, (review, site, feed).
Jim Mowatt's enthusiastic talks about the War of the Spanish Succession and about other history podcasts.

Hoor! Geschiedenis (review, site, feed)
A very adequate and from the onset complete history of the Netherlands, going back to the earliest roots of Dutch culture and coming into existence of the state. (Dutch language)

HUM 4 - Enlightenment, Romanticism, Revolution (UCSD) (site, feed) a lecture series in the humanities, trying to map the cultural development since the 17th century. Professor Eric Watkins.

HUM 4104 (Virginia Tech) (review, site, feed)
Professor Matthew Gabriele's podcast that accompanies a lecture series about Medieval Heroes. The podcast gives very brief guidance to the texts about the heroes.

In Our Time, (review, site, feed).
BBC four's program about the history of thought. Show host Melvyn Bragg meets weekly with three outstanding academicians to discuss subjects varying from historic persons and occurrences to scientific and philosophical issues in their historical perspective. As far as quality is concerned this podcast ranks among the very best. The only drawback comes from it being a radio program: it is not flexible to the length. It is also a pity the feed offers no more than the last show. But the on line archives disclose every show.

Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altorientalistik - audio (review, site, feed)
Lectures at the Institute. Most of these are in German.

The International Institute (review, site, feed)
Lectures at UCLA concerning history and politics.

Introduction to Ancient Greek History (Yale) (review, site, no feed)
Open Course on Yale delivering the history of the Ancient Greeks tracing the development of Greek civilization as manifested in political, intellectual, and creative achievements from the Bronze Age to the end of the classical period.

Introduction to German Politics (Oxford) (review, site, feed)
A good podcast (enhanced podcast) in political science and also interesting for history buffs.

Introduction to the Old Testament / the Hebrew Bible (Yale) (review, site, feed)
Excellent course about the Bible by professor Christina Hayes - now also syndicated!

Irish Hedgerow history Lessons (review, sitefeed)
Irish roots podcast with assorted items about Irish history.

Irish History Podcast (review, site, feed)
New podcast that takes on the history of Ireland in chronological order, starting in Roman times and quickly proceeding to the Middle Ages.

Islamic Medicine (review , site, feed)
The University of Warwick's series by Professor Peter Pormann about the Medieval Medicine as it was received from the Greeks, influenced by other cultures and preserved in the Islam world, before it was received by the West.

It was 20 years ago today (review, site, feed)
Jamie Lawson takes us back 20 years and gives her personal view on history back then.

Korea Society Podcast (review, site, feed)
Lectures recorded by the Korea Society containing a lot of Korean history content as well as contemporary Korean issues.

La Resistance (review, site, feed)
A charming amateur podcast about France in World War II.

La Rosa de los vientos (mention, site, feed)
A three hours radio program in Spanish, about history, archeology, astronomy, science, secret services and much more.

Letters and Science 140D (Berkeley) (review, site, feed)
Interdisciplinary lecture series by history professor Thomas Laqueur about development and implementation of the idea of human rights.

Long Now podcast (review, site, feed)
Lectures held at The Long Now, an institute which takes a long term vision.

Lyrics Undercover (review, site, feed)
Brian Ibbott initiates us into the world behind your favorite pop songs. The meaning of the lyrics, the origin of the music and the intentions of the artists.

Making History with Ran Levi - עושים היסטוריה (review, site, feed)
Hebrew podcast about history, with an emphasis on the history of science and of technology.

Matt's Today In History, (review, site, feed).
Matt is a history amateur who delivers a daily talk on what happened on the same date in history.

medicalhistory (review, site, feed)
Amateur podcast exploring aspects of the history of the medical profession and the medical science.

Medieval & Renaissance Studies Events (Fall 2008), (Virginia Tech) (review, site, feed)
Virginia Tech's lecture series about the Crusades. As far as I can see only one of the lectures is available on podcast.

Medieval & Renaissance Studies Events (Spring 2008), (Virginia Tech) (review, site, feed).
A podcast series with public lectures held at Virginia Tech on historical subjects.

Medieval Podcast, (review, site, feed).
Podfaded show featuring several issues about England in medieval times and about monasticism.

the Memory Palace (review, site, feed)
Nate diMeo tells historic tales in the most poetic way.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Medieval Art (review, site, feed)
Lectures at the Museum about or related to new exhibitions.

Military History Podcast, (review, site, feed).
George Hageman started this podcast when he was only 15, 16 years old. He loves military history and tells what he knows in short episodes.

The Missing Link, (review, site, feed).
A history podcast that delivers two essays per issue. The aim is to portray the history of science, but does not do so in a programmatic way, the essays are stand alone subjects.

MMW 1 by Tara Carter (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
Inspired course at UCSD in human evolution, anthropology and prehistory.

MMW 2 - The Great Classical Traditions, (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
History of the classical era covering not just the west. Professor Charles Chamberlain

MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Chamberlain) (review, site, feed)
A history lecture series explaining the middle ages mostly from the perspective of religions.

MMW 3, the medieval heritage (Herbst) (review, site, feed)
A parallel series choosing a more traditional perspective, but exceptionally good no less.

MMW 4 (UCSD) (review , site,
The Making of the Modern World part 4, about the period 1200 - 1750 AD.

MMW 5 - Revolution, Industry & Empire (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
Professor Heidi Keller-Lapp lectures about world history during the period 1750-1914. A lot of emphasis is given to the development of political thought, especially on the subject of the social contract.

MMW 6 (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
World war 1 until today.

Napoleon 1O1, (review, site, feed).
Lengthy biography of Napoleon

National Archives, (review, site, feed).
The lectures organized at the National Archives in the UK are recorded and put on line as a podcast. The listener is subject to the varying quality of the speakers and the dependency on visuals during the lectures.

New Books In History (review, site, feed) Excellent
The one and only and most outstanding interview podcast in the history podcast genre. Marshall Poe interviews historians about their recent books. Lively, varied and intelligent content.

Norman Centuries (review, site, feed)
The comeback of history podcast veteran Lars Brownworth. This series will tell us the history of the Normans.

Oxford Biographies (review, site, feed)
Spoken biographies in seven to fifteen minutes, mostly on on lesser known people.

Only in America, (review, site, feed).
350 years of the Jewish experience in America. Journalist Larry Josephson delivers historical episodes taking us through the entry of Jews in the Americas to contemporary Jewry in the US. He combines these exposes with interviews with leading American Jews on Jewish subjects.

OVT, (review, site, feed).
Dutch language history podcast. Een programma over de onvoltooid verleden tijd. Wekelijkse radio uitzending van de VPRO uitgebracht als podcast.

Parnell's History Podcast, (review, site, feed).
Monologue style history podcast with no special era interest.

Pasajes de la historia (mention, site, feed)
History rubric in the Rosa de los Vientos program as a separate podcast in Spanish.

Peopletalk's Podcast,, (review, site, feed).
An audiobook style podcast that delivers historical texts being read to the listener.

Podcast history of cooking (review, site, feed)
Jesse Browner's fascinating journey through the history of our diet, from prehistory until today.

Podcasts on Medieval Texts, (review, site, feed).
Short introductions to certain specific medieval texts like Beowulf and the Malleus Maleficarum. The same series is on iTunes U, Virginia Tech, under the title HUM 1214 - Spring 2008.

Political Science 10 (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
Political science course with great attention to the classical era.

Politics 114B (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
UCLA's political science introduction, kindly reviewed by Saeed Ahmed

Politics and Warfare (UCSD)  (review, site, feed)
Political science course exploring explanations of the first world war and others.

Pope Podcast (review, site, feed)
A one by one, pope by pope history of the papacy.

Rear Vision (ABC) (review, site, feed)
Program on ABC radio giving the background of selected subjects whether in the news right now or some time ago.

Redborne History Podcast, (review, site, feed).
History podcast of a British school teacher in preparation of his students. Two issues in the feed.

Religion and Law in US, HIUS 155A (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
Professor Michael Parrish teaches the legal and religious foundations of the American Society until the Civil War.

Religion and Law in US, HIUS 155B (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
Professor Michael Parrish teaches the legal and religious foundations of the American Society from the Civil War until the present.

Religion in history (Open University) (review, site, feed)
Assorted dialogs about religion and diversity accompanying a much wider (paid) course at the Open University.

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, (review, site, feed)
History of Christianity in the early apostolic phase.

The ripple that drowns (review, site, feed)
Lecture about famines in China and Bengal.

Romanticism (Open University) (review, site, feed)
Six useful audio essays delineating critical aspects of nineteenth century Romanticism.

Russian Rulers History Podcast (review, site, feed)
The history of Russia, told by means of going through its rulers successively.

Sex History Show, (review, site, feed).
A panel of three hosts doing sex education by use of history lessons. The dialog is noticeably scripted. Every show ends with a cliffhanger towards the next.

Short History of Ireland (BBC) (review, site, feed)
Very charming daily podcast taking the listener through the history of Ulster and Eire in 5 minute issues.

Short history of Japan (review, site, feed)
Cameron Foster's history of Japan.

Skythen-Podcast (review, site, feed)
Very extensive promotional podcast for an exhibition on the Scythians. (German Language)

Sparkletack (review, site, feed)
Richard Miller tells the history of San Francisco.

Stanford U History, (review 1, review 2 site:Stanford on iTunes U, no feed).
Guest lectures and discussions on various historic subjects at Stanford.

Sterke Geschiedenis (reviewsitefeed)
Dutch podcast. Kris kras door de wereldgeschiedenis met Tom Tacken, een groot verteltalent.

Stuff you missed in history class (review, site, feed)
Very light history podcast by How Stuff Works dot com. Every week a short dialog about a wide variety of history subjects such as Marco Polo, the Plague and revisionist history.

Teaching American History, (review, site, feed).
University lectures on various subjects of American History; a project of the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University.

Teaching Company (review , site, feed)
A promotional podcast from the Teaching Company, a company that sells high quality lectures on audio.

Things We Forgot To Remember (BBC and Open University), (review, site, feed)
History podcast on how history is construed.

Tudorcast, (review, site, feed).
The approach host Lara Eakins takes, is to bring out a monthly podcast and relate to the listener various tidbits of the history connected to the specific month we are in. She takes from original sources and brings us to the finest details of the history.

US History since 1877 (Temple College) (review, site, feed)
Gretchen Reilly's straightforward monologue podcast about American History from 1877 until today

Veertien Achttien (reviewsitefeed)
Dutch podcast. Tom Tacken vertelt de eerste wereldoorlog in korte biografietjes

VIS 22 - Formations of Modern  Art, (UCSD) (review, site, feed)
Recurring course in art history from the 17th century until early 20th century. Especially enchanting are the courses delived by Professor Bryson.

We the People Stories, (review, site, feed).
A podcast of the US National Constitution Center addressing constitutional issues with lectures and forum discussions on a very high level.

Witness (BBC) (review, site, feed)
Nine minute issues paying attention to an occurrence in history close to this date. Combined with historic narration are the words of one or more witnesses to the event.

World Religions (Eastern Michigan) (review, site, feed)
A general and easy to access introduction in the five major religions

Your History Podcast (review, site, feed)
A podcast engaging in story-telling where the story is historically backed up.

קטעים בהיסטוריה (review, site, feed)
Pieces of History, a Hebrew podcast. Selected topics in history.

Two other history podcast inventories:
Collection of History Podcasts,
Favorite History Podcasts.

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