Sunday, November 30, 2008

New podcasts in November 2008

Here is a short post to give an overview of the new podcasts that were reviewed this month.

Pods and Blogs (BBC) (review, site, feed)
medicalhistory (review, site, feed)
Armistice Podcast (National Archives) (review, site, feed)
La Resistance (review, site, feed)
Grammar Girl (review, site, feed)
History on the run (review, site, feed)
In My Living Room! (review, site, feed)
Political Science 10 (UCLA) (review, site, feed)
Leben und Überleben mit 45+ (review, site, feed)
Junggesellenblog (review, site, feed)
Meiky's Podcast Show (review, site, feed)
Das Rätsel der verschollenen Schatulle (review, site, feed)
Meetings Podcast (review, site, feed)
Geschichtspodcast (Chronico) (review, site, feed)

The Report a Podcast feature on this blog is beginning to supply such a huge amount of new podcasts to review, I will have to find ways of limiting my commitment. Even though I would love to review every single one that is recommended there.

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